Workplace Storage

Storage within the workplace is seldom considered an exciting subject, but it is a necessary and important aspect of the modern work environment. Here at Think we have had a lot of experience working to help clients better understand their storage needs.

Whilst there are many forms of storage we tend to breakdown into three main gorups: Personal and immediate access storage / Reference and weekly access storage and finally Archive and Low frequency access storage. By defining how often storage is accessed we can better define the style of storage and also consider where it should be placed i.e. personal/high frequency should be easier to access (and closer to individuals than say very occasional /low frequency access storage. Commonsense? Probably, but its amazing how wrong storage can often be prescribed to an office user.

Please take a while to view the various types of storage but also please feel free to call or mail us at Think Furniture for more options and bespoke ideas to your storage needs.